Our Story

Homadic founder, Gerel

Our founder Gerel was born in Mongolia and her family moved to Belgium when she was a teenager. She has travelled to Mongolia on numerous occasions and on one of her trips, she had the idea and the inspiration to build a business that would positively impact the lives of the Mongolian nomadic people and raise the awareness of Mongolia in the Europe. Our brand Homadic is an expression of her artistic creativity as well as a part of her cultural identity.


We strive to introduce Mongolian premium products to the world while preserving nomadic lifestyle and cultural heritage

homadic, Mongolia

We at Homadic, believe that the nomadic way of life must be preserved and we aim to do that by helping and supporting the cooperatives of herders that are engaged in raising sheep, yaks, camels and goats. By ensuring that these herders are receiving a fair compensation for the natural wool and fibres of the animals that they raised, we are hoping to support their fragile lifestyle for many years to come. 

Products made from the natural wool and fibre

homadic, nomadic family in countryside Mongolia

Our products are made only with natural wools and fibres, without the use of synthetic, plastic materials. Items made with 100% natural wool and fibres are better for your health and are more sustainable.

Ethical and humane treatment of the animals

homadic, cashmere goat, countryside mongolia
The raw materials for our products are sourced directly from herders who have been living off their land for centuries. They seasonally comb their livestock for the fine down hair, which we procure for the manufacturing of our products.  

Manufactured in Mongolia

homadic, factory visit, mongolia

The employees of our manufacturing partners in Mongolia are paid higher than their counterparts in China and in other Southeast Asian countries. We strongly believe in fair treatment and fair compensation and we don’t work with manufacturers that don’t meet our standards for providing adequate working conditions for their workers.