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Homadic is committed to respecting the environment and promoting the use of natural fibre. 

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The world’s finest cashmere comes from Mongolian goats that are pastured by the nomadic herders. The quality of cashmere is affected by the climate and nutrients that the goats consume. The climate of Mongolia is especially suited for herding goats because they thrive in harsh dry mountain climates. The highest quality of cashmere is found in this climate. 
Mongolian cashmere fibre is long and fine, and makes good-quality yarns and threads.. Thanks to the length of this cashmere, there are more technological possibilities in the spinning process.  
Cashmere goats are bred in all regions of Mongolia, and provide a range of natural color fibre. The natural colors are various shades of grey, brown, light brown and white. Grey, brown and light brown colors are unique colors and are rarely met in nature.
Cashmere is lightweight, and is one of the warmest and softest materials in the world. No other fabric will feel as soft, divine and luxurious as cashmere garments.  We offer you plaids and scarves of the finest and best quality of 100% Mongolian cashmere.
Our local supplier is a holder of the OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certificate on their undyed cashmere products.



Yak from Mongolia, homadic yak down

Mongolians have been herding natural livestock for centuries with nomadic traditions. Yaks are found in 13 of the provinces of Mongolia, 70% of the yak herds are concentrated in the mountainous and woodland pastures at elevations of 1800 - 3000 m, with a dry and cold climate.  Mongolian yak down has many advantages. It not only insulates against heat and cold, but it is also breathable and able to absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air.
Crimped yak down fibre also give the manufactured products particularly good resilience. This means that the products made of yak down will retain their thickness and shape. 
The colors of yak down are primarily black and brown with a variance of grey. Because of the beauty of the natural colors, yarns are left in these natural colors, without dyeing them.
Our natural products made of pure Mongolian yak down will always keep warm and dry in any climate, even in extreme weather conditions.