International forum on Mongolia-China cashmere industry organized

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International forum on Mongolia-China cashmere industry organized

/MONTSAME/. In the scope of the third Mongolia-China Expo held in Ulanqab of Inner Mongolia, China, a forum on the development of the cashmere industry was held to discuss policies and mutually beneficial partnership in the Mongolia and China’s cashmere fields.

Mongolia supplies around 40 percent of the world raw cashmere demand and it is deemed that the domestic production of final cashmere products for exports would increase the economic values by five times and the export revenue alone to reach USD 1.7 billion. Also, the proposed duty-free treatment by the USA to Mongolia cashmere products and 25 percent duty of China on knitted products are viewed as great opportunities to encourage exports.

President of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) O.Amartuvshin said during the forum “In spite of the Mongolia’s abundant production of raw cashmere, the manufacturing capacity in the country is very low. The MNCCI in cooperation with private sector is formulating a strategy to raise the production of final cashmere products as it will help in the growth of the value added products and creating numerous job places in different stages of the cashmere production”. He also noted that promotion of non-mining exports is one of the main tasks of the MNCCI, for which attracting investment is an essential. “In this regard, cooperating with out southern neighbor China, another major supplier of raw cashmere with a great potential for technology and human resources, and building joint factory with them with the help of the government support will help Mongolia to export its cashmere to the world markets”.

The cashmere forum in China served as an important platform for Mongolia and China, which provide 90 percent of the global cashmere together, to talk about each of the cashmere markets and competitions with markets of other countries, define the adequate policy and raise capital. In 2018, the Government of Mongolia launched a cashmere product to expand cashmere production, increase economic profits and create jobs in the cashmere industry and thanks to the program, more than 2300 jobs were added.

On the sidelines of the forum, “Soft gold” cashmere fashion show was organized displaying cashmere collections by designers from Mongolia, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Italy. From Mongolia, fashion designer of the Evseg LLC S.Alimaa presented her cashmere collection


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