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The importance of developing joint strategies for the global market while pointing out that Mongolia and China are big suppliers that account for around 90 percent of the global cashmere production.

‘Sustainable development of cashmere industry on the world market – Pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation’, ‘Supply chain and sustainability’, ‘Reform of Mongolia’s cashmere industry and opportunities for cooperation’, and ‘Export—import analysis of cashmere products’, as well as the issues regarding environmentally friendly cashmere production and the current state and further development of bilateral cashmere cooperation.

(Source: Mongol messenger)

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Mongolia has the exclusive rights to make frequent cargo flights. It has the capacity of carrying 20 tons of freight with a range of 5250 km. Mongolia will make cargo flights to Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hohhot, Seoul, Hong Kong, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and the countries of Central Asia. In addition to meat, meat products, wool, cashmere and rare-earth elements, it is possible to transport mining equipment, large items and special cargo from Mongolia.

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Large scale international brands, such as Gucci, H&M and UNIQLO, have expressed their readiness to partner if cashmere is prepared in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way in Mongolia.

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The current situation of the delivery of offspring in Mongolia

Currently, of the total dam livestock, 15.9 million or 53.7 percent delivered, with 15.6 million newborn offspring being cared. 

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In Central Mongolia, a cooperative of yak herders take steps to ensure that yaks continue to roam the highlands and help sustain their livelihood and tradition. This is a story of a mission to encourage yak herders to continue herding their animals and find a viable market for their products without having to increase their dependence on goats for cashmere. And this is also about the year's busiest season, spring. And did you know Yak fibre makes for a darn good jumper? Filmed in May 2012. This project was undertaken as a volunteer for non-profit Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders...

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